Best Coaching for SSC CGL in Delhi

Best Coaching For SSC CGL in Delhi

Paramount Coaching in Mukherji Nagar, Delhi

KD Campus in Mukherji Nagar, Delhi 



Pioneer Academy Delhi


Mahendra’s Coaching Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

You can also take classes from individual teachers in Mukherji Nagar 🙂


 The best thing about Hansraj Sir is that the way he teaches you, first he clear the concept abt a specific topic and then he gives you a printed assignment of topic wise questions of that topics and then solve the question in the easiest way. 
 If you are a newcomer in the field of ssc cgl preparation, then go for rakesh yadav sir class notes which is available in the form of a book, once your concepts are clear then go for Advance and Arithmetic maths book. 
 Best things about Ramdev Bhati sir is that if you are week in Geometry after reading from him you are a expert in Geometry.
 Bharti Sir is also a best teacher in Mukherji Nagar, he completed Maths almost in one year.
 Mohit Goyal Sir Online Videos is popular among Mukherji Nagar Students.

English Language

 If you are week in English language and try to crack SSC CGL or any competitive exams, GopalVerma sir is best for you.
  • Christopher Phoenix Sir
 Christopher Phoenix Sir, Study materials is best for SSC Aspirants, Vocab teaching way is so popular.


Anyone can teach this subject very effectively unless that tutor is the novice. you can read from your own self, Because Reasoning is not a tough subject, by solving 25 Questions every day you can do better on your final exam.  🙂


General Studies

  • From my Point of view, There is a list of a teacher in Paramount Coaching for G.S
  •  Kaish Alam sir for History 


Kuldeep Sir 

for Geography 

In G.S maximum question are asked from-

Science(Biology) >Current Affairs >Geography (Indian+ World) > History

From these four subjects, more than 18 Questions are asked.

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